About the role of this specialist Support Worker:Disability Services Australia is recruiting specifically for experienced support workers who want to make a difference in a very special woman’s life. This woman lives in Bonnells Bay, Lake Macquarie Region in a purpose-built home, with several positions available to cater to a 24/7 roster across: 7am – 3pm, 10am – 4pm, 4pm – 10pm, 3pm – 11pm,  11pm – 7am.This woman is strong, vivacious, and has a love of animals big and small. Her love of life is contagious – and she needs your help to support her in maintaining a lifestyle she’s always imagined for herself.Her goals are to support animals in a volunteer position, spend more time at the beach and in the community, live a healthy lifestyle, find ways to increase her education and understanding of her Aboriginal culture and to also engage with more people in her community.In order to support this woman and to be part of the team that set her up for success, Disability Services Australia will provide an intensive paid training program prior to your commencement.The interactive and engaging training will support your understanding the principles of trauma informed therapeutic supports and how to apply them in practice, their will be many opportunities to reflect on scenarios and practice using these skills.The training program consists of CALM Core Theory (therapeutic care model) + Interactive behaviour support + DSA organisational and operational training, this means that you will learn about how best to work with a participant through the good times and challenging times and how to use the systems and tools that will help you in you day to day work.We Are Looking for team members who:Truly understand the community home living space, and understand what it means to adopt a person-centred approach to everything they doUnderstand the real opportunities in the disability sector – and see this line of work as a career more than a job.Are committed and understand the importance of consistency and stability in people’s livesHave an interest in psychology, behaviour support and clinical activity.Understand the importance of reflective practice, debriefing, supervision, and ongoing team supportAre resilient and committed to self-reflectionUltimately, we are looking for team members who are who are interested in the long-term as we navigate through an incredible transition into a new way of working with opportunities for ongoing training, career development,  progression and leadership for the right candidates.What the woman you’re supporting is looking for:People who can understand my need for consistency and connection – without crossing professional boundariesPeople who love animals as much as I do – and are willing to help her care for her pet rats, ferrets and birds. If you have pets, maybe even be open to bringing in your pet for a visit.People who can help me find volunteer work with animals and enjoy being involved in that activity.People who want to get out and do things – adventures that are planned out, thought out and involve me in the planning.People who are fun, love to have a giggle and understand my sense of humour.It’s also important for her to be supported by people who:Understand that at times, her thoughts and emotions can change, and she may act differently. She wants people who cannot make her feel less than human during these times, and help her navigate through and get back to feeling betterUnderstand that during these times, she is looking for safety and security. Although it can be intimidating and frightening, she is looking for people who are confident, competent and resilient to make the right decisions at the time – and to come back and talk with her about things that may have not gone well when I am feeling better.She is looking for people who understand that sometimes – things just get a bit much. People who understand that decades of trauma can sometimes impact the way she acts. People who can see past this and help her navigate through difficult times so she can live the life she has always imagined for herself. 35 AUD Bonnells Bay 2264