Same great service with a different name

DSA Transition Badge

DSA will be known as Scope.
July 2023

DSA Transition Badge

Same great service with a different name

DSA will be known as Scope.
July 2023

Welcome to Scope

There are exciting changes for us this year! Disability Services Australia (DSA) will soon be called Scope.

DSA became part of Scope in 2021. From July we will have a new name and new logo, with the same high-quality services and people.

Scope, like DSA, has a long history of delivering disability services. DSA is proud to be part of Scope, Australia’s leading disability services provider.

We will continue to provide disability support services across NSW including:

You can get to know Scope a little better by visiting: or following on these social media accounts: Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

We will keep you updated as we near July and our name change and will be regularly updating this page with information.

We have a number of Easy English Guides available. Download the one that’s right for you or the person you support below for more information on our new name and logo.

We’re here to help, give us a call or send us an email.

1300 372 121


DSA is part of Scope. Moving forward, Scope will operate under one name and logo which will be “Scope”. This enables the organisation to build a strong and respected brand, known for delivering quality disability support services.

From mid-July 2023, DSA will be known as Scope, use the Scope logo and its updated visual look and feel. The DSA name and logo will no longer be used from mid-July.

Yes! Your support team will not change. DSA became part of Scope over a year ago, so this change is simply using the Scope name and logo.

If you haven’t already, you can provide your email address to and we will add you to our mailing list.

The DSA phone numbers will remain the same. In late June, DSA email addresses will change. We will share further information closer to the time when the email addresses will change, so that you can save the new email addresses.

No. Disability Services Australia is still the provider listed on any agreement, NDIS plan or contract. This may change in the future, perhaps in a year or two. If that happens our team will be in touch well in advance of any change happening.
The best people to speak to are the staff who manage the services you access or the home you live in. If you still have questions after you speak with them, you can contact us via or visit
Yes! Your support team will not change. You will continue to receive the same quality service from the same qualified and caring people. DSA became part of Scope over a year ago, so this change is simply using their name and logo.

We are already one organisation but our name in NSW won’t change until July so for now, you can continue to call us DSA. Our Victorian services will remain as Scope.

Yes. Scope will have a single website used across our business. A redirect will be in place so that if you search for ‘DSA’ or ‘Disability Services Australia’ or put in the current DSA url into a browser you will be redirected to the new Scope website. You can visit the current Scope website today at:

Unfortunately, the DSA social media accounts will close. We would love you to follow Scope and continue to hear all about your services. You can follow Scope at:

Scope has a long and proud history of supporting people with disability. We are Australia’s leading disability services provider.

Scope offers services that support people with disabilities to live, work and connect as they choose. This includes accommodation, therapy, social connections, employment and training services. Scope supports our clients to reach their goals and achieve their potential.

We support and provide services to people with multiple and complex disabilities and their families. We also work with businesses and governments who work with and support people with disabilities and are striving to improve access and inclusion.

Scope is driven by a Purpose, Vision and Values that were developed with the input of our clients and employees.

Our purpose is to create meaningful opportunities for people with disability to belong and thrive.

Scope wants to achieve a world where our clients and employees are empowered to live their dreams. As a sector leader we also influence and push boundaries delivering positive change for people with disability.

Our Values recognise that Scope employees are as much a part of our journey as are the wonderful people with disability whom we support. So, Scope is creating a workplace where:

  • We celebrate people
  • We excel together
  • We act bravely