Disability Royal Commission

DSA welcomes the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability. This marks an important opportunity for people with disability and those who support them to be heard, participate in improving the disability sector and ensure people with disability are afforded full and equal enjoyment of all human rights.

Our highest priority is safeguarding people with disability in the community and when they participate with any DSA-related activity. This will remain our focus throughout this period and in every decision that we make.

About the Disability Royal Commission

The Disability Royal Commission was established in April 2019 and commenced in September 2019.

Previous government inquiries and reports have shown that people with disability are more likely to experience violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation than people without a disability. The Disability Royal Commission examines why this is the case and inform governments, institutions, service providers, people with disability and the wider community on how we can prevent and better protect people with disability in the future.

Royal Commissions have the power to collect information and use this to inform and direct legislation, policy and regulatory environments. The exact scope and issues to be considered are set out in the Terms of Reference.

The Australian Government has also provided an Easy Read version of the Terms of Reference.

Our Commitment

DSA welcomes the Disability Royal Commission.

Royal Commissions are powerful instruments for highlighting matters of public importance and creating momentum for inclusivity and social change. Empowering people to speak up goes to the very heart of people feeling valued and respected as equal citizens in our community.

DSA will participate and engage openly and transparently with the Commission and with our customers, their families and carers.

Support during the Royal Commission

We will support people with disability and their families to contribute their unique insights and experiences to this important national conversation.

If you wish to be involved or have any questions, please contact the Risk team at drc@dsa.org.au or call 1300 372 121.

The Disability Royal Commission has also put in a range of supports  to make it accessible to people with disability. This includes legal, financial, emotional and advocacy support.

Making a complaint or providing feedback to DSA

If you have a concern about any aspect of the service DSA provides please let us know.

DSA recognises the important role we play in enhancing and safeguarding the lives of people with disability, as well as their families and loved ones.

Your feedback allows us to see what we are doing well, discover what else we could be doing and learn how to improve.

We welcome all feedback and complaints and take your concerns seriously. We will always respond quickly and respectfully to all feedback or any concerns raised.

Click here to provide feedback.

Click here to make a complaint.

If you would like help completing a form or would like to provide feedback in a different way, please contact our Customer Connections team on 1300 372 121 (business hours) or email customerconnections@dsa.org.au



For any media inquiries, contact marketing@dsa.org.au

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