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July 2023

IWD: Helen leads a life of possibility

Working in DSA’s packaging solutions, Helen has grown her work skills, social circle and confidence and is now doing things she never dreamed she could. 8 March is International Women’s Day – to celebrate, this week we’re profiling some of the talented women across DSA.

After completing a work trial four years ago, Helen decided that she wanted to continue her employment with DSA as a packaging solutions supported employee working out of the Kingsgrove site.

Helen has enjoyed not only her work, but getting to know new faces and expanding her friendship circle. She is always keen to build her social skills, along with her job skills.

Since working at Kingsgrove, Helen has found that she has developed more confidence in herself as an individual and as an employee.

“I love all of the new friends I have made and have gained a lot of confidence since working here. I get to have a laugh with all of my friends.”

Learning lots of jobs is high on the agenda for Helen, who enjoys learning new skills across her role at Kingsgrove. She reflects, “I do and learn lots of jobs.”

Helen is always contributing and was even nominated for Employee of the Year in 2021 for all her hard work and effort in getting her job done every day.

Living a life of possibilities

Helen at work at Kingsgrove packaging solutions with Administration Coordinator Lisa

With this boost to her self-confidence, Helen has now even begun training with a person trainer who is teaching her how to box, which, being vision impaired, she never thought possible.

Equality for Helen means a lot of things, but she notes that being able to do the same things as men who are part of her team is a great equaliser.

“We can use pallet jacks and pack pallets just like the men.”

Being a supported employee over the past four years has seen Helen learn many new things and foster lasting friendships with her team.

She has loved her time working with DSA and would like everyone to know, “Come join us. It’s lots of fun and I’m always here to show you around!”.

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