Supported Independent Living


At DSA we assist people with disability to find a home that suits individual needs. Through our Supported Independent Living services, we encourage you to live as independently as you wish. Our skilled and experienced team offer a circle of supports that assist in improved health and wellbeing, a sense of belonging, exploring opportunities for new social activities and interests in the community and building new connections.

Our home environment is safe, clean and welcoming. Our staff are professional and people focused. They understand needs and respect boundaries. 

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Our Process

Contact DSA

•  1300 372 120 

Email Us

Submit the Enquiry form

Compatibility assessment and information gathering

Participant Champion to contact to discuss needs, view property

Preparation of Roster of Care for submission to the NDIS

On approval, DSA will coordinate a smooth transition into your new home


NDIS funding is all about giving people with disability more choice and control.

To apply for SIL accommodation at one of our properties, you must be eligible for ‘Accommodation Supports’ funding under the NDIS.

Our Support Team

Our team have specific skills and competencies and will provide and assist with support at home and in accessing the community.

They have experience in managing participants with intellectual, psychosocial, complex disabilities and/or mental health.

Access to a psychologist is available, if required, through our allied health services.

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