Mentoring Services

COVID-19 Update

All DSA sites have put in place measures to limit access to non-essential visitors, enhance personal hygiene and infection control and implement social distancing.

In order to protect our participants and our employees, we have introduced new protocols for access to our Mentoring Services sites.

Mentoring Services provide a safe and stable transition to the community for people with complex psychosocial disability requiring holistic, complex and integrated services and support.

Using an evidence-based framework designed by our highly skilled clinicians and mentors, people are supported in managing complex trauma, behaviours of concern and communication needs to effectively improve their quality of life including living as independently as possible on a spectrum of accommodation supports – from intensive through to drop-in support.

We focus on enhancing overall quality of life, responsible community participation and reducing re-offending behaviours. Our positive working relationships with primary medical and mental health services ensure that effective streamlined processes are in place that enable people to access the services they need, when they need them.

We work with challenging clients who have complex disabilities, offering understanding and support that is genuine, non-judgemental and dependable.

Over the past year we have continued to see growth in our complex support service with 16 new sites, mainly through the transition of the NSW Government’s Community Justice and Integrated Support programs to DSA.

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