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1st September 2020

Our focus and priority remains the health, safety and wellbeing of our participants and employees and we appreciate your continued support and understanding during these challenging times.

While the COVID-19 numbers in NSW continue to improve, there is currently no easing of the measures DSA has in place to protect our people and participants.

We continue to closely monitor the circumstances and follow the directives of NSW Health.

We continue implementing visitor restrictions until further notice. Plans in place in case of potential worsening of the situation.

Our additional COVID-19 precautions across all our services continue to be implemented to help keep our participants, their friends and families, our employees and the communities we work in safe.

The new measures include:

  • Restricted visitor access to nominated decision maker by appointment only at our Home Solutions and Mentoring Services sites
  • Support staff wearing a face mask in all our services
  • Updated site access controls and visitor guidelines
  • Additional training and support for our staff

On site precautions

All DSA staff involved in supporting our participants are wearing a mask at work to minimise the potential spread of infection until further notice. We are ensuring all our sites have sufficient supplies on hand.

All our sites continue to limit access to non-essential visitors, enhance strict personal hygiene and infection control measures and implement social distancing.

Site access measures (temperature checking, visitor registers and illness/travel history questioning) and strict additional hygiene and cleaning are in place at each of these sites.

These are important measures that can help protect our participants and employees as well as reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the community.

We all play a role in keeping ourselves, our families, participants and communities safe.

Visitors to DSA supported accommodation sites

All our Home Solutions and Mentoring Services sites continue restricting visitor access to nominated decision makers by appointment only. These visitors will be asked to wear a mask during their visit, regardless of where they live or where they have visited.

All non-essential visitors are requested to postpone their visit until further notice, regardless of where they live or have visited.

Visitors are requested to view the NSW Department of Health’s published updates and directives about locations associated with confirmed COVID-19 cases. This advice changes frequently, so visitors should ensure they monitor these lists and follow the advice outlined by NSW Health. If a visitor has attended a COVID-19 hotspot, they are requested to postpone visits to DSA sites and reschedule for a later date.

Ongoing protocols such as site access measures (temperature checking, visitor registers and illness/travel history questioning) and additional strict hygiene and cleaning are continuing at each of the sites.

These important measures can help protect our participants and employees as well as reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the community.

NSW Health has a page dedicated to Easy Read resources for people with disability. 

If you are unsure of the current hotspot locations, please visit for the latest updates.

Staying Connected

We have strictly limited visitors at all sites until further notice and we have communicated clearly with our participants and potential visitors to request that their visits be postponed until further notice, wherever possible. 

Measures such as phone or video calls may be utilised to help people keep in touch with family, friends or others and to assist in limiting visits to premises at this time.

As always, feel free to call your key contact person if you would like assistance accessing these resources or have any concerns about your family member or the service.

Additional training and supports for staff

The procedures and protocols DSA developed in the early days of the pandemic have served us well so far and it is really important that we remain vigilant and mindful of our site access controls, social distancing and enhanced hygiene requirements:

  • External visitor guidelines
  • Staff and visitor declaration form of symptoms and potential exposure
  • Enhanced strict infection control, cleaning and strict hygiene practices
  • Maintaining physical distancing, where possible
  • Mandatory staff training, where applicable
  • Staff shortage and employee mobility policies
  • Special leave arrangements during COVID-19
  • Temperature checks at specific sites
  • Staff wellbeing and support process

Following the advice of NSW Health, each site now has nominated Infection Control Leads, responsible for ensuring all infection control measures are being followed.  They will be monitoring compliance with DSA policies and NSW Health directives and supporting team members, participants and visitors at our sites to be COVID safe.

Staff have access to the latest information and useful resources through a dedicated COVID-19 section on our intranet, as well as receiving regular email and SMS updates.

Over the past months we have all learned how to do things differently as we work together to stop the spread of COVID-19 and we’re going to have to continue to do things differently for a while longer.

Our top priority and focus is safeguarding our participants and our employees and we continue to closely follow the guidance of the Department of Health and NSW Health as we navigate the challenges COVID-19 brings. We will continue to provide further updates as we monitor the situation.

Please call your key contact person if you would like assistance accessing these resources or have any concerns about your family member or the service. Alternatively you can call our Connections team on 1300 372 121.

If you are concerned that you or someone you know may be infected:

  • Please notify us ASAP so we can support you.
  • There is a national 24/7 telephone service for people who are concerned about contact with a possible Coronavirus case. If you think you may be infected you can call the hotline on 1800 020 080.
  • Suspected Coronavirus patients can present in person to a GP clinic, a dedicated respiratory clinic or to a hospital Emergency Department if they call ahead. Find a COVID-19 testing clinic

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