Giving people a start, this Christmas

15 years ago, Paul came to DSA looking for a new challenge and he’s been with us ever since.

Paul loves his job, but if he was starting out today, things would be a little different. When he first joined DSA, getting started would take just a few days. Sadly, the process is now much longer, and people can wait many months until their funding support is approved. For many, this delay means that although they have the desire to work they simply cannot afford to.  

Just recently DSA joined a partnership called Alliance20. It means that service providers like DSA right across the country are coming together to plan and shape the NDIS for a future that will deliver better outcomes for people with a disability, particularly for those seeking supported employment.

In the meantime however, we simply cannot consider turning people away.

DSA is committed to ensuring that anyone who wants to work should have the opportunity to do so. In the short term, we cover the cost of supports that people need, while they wait for NDIS funding to be approved. On average, this is a cost of around $12,000 a year, per person.

Paul is a strong advocate for work, because having a secure job has truly changed his life.

For Paul, working at DSA is more than just a job.

“I’d hate to stay at home. When you come to work you get to meet new friends. It feels so much better coming to work and having things to do than staying at home” – Paul.

He gets up at 5am to get to work by 7am. He catches a bus from his home in Revesby to the station, then a train to Mascot followed by another bus to the DSA site.

Paul originally started as a process worker with DSA’s Packaging Solutions team, packing product for various business customers, but now he works on Reception answering phones, meeting and greeting visitors and working on data entry projects.

He’s studied through the DSA Learning Hub to achieve his Certificate II and III in Business and a Certificate III in Warehousing qualifications, bringing him so many opportunities.

The impact on Paul’s life can’t be understated. His confidence has improved, he’s met so many friends along the way, and he is more driven than ever before to explore new hobbies and passions.

Paul is living proof of why it’s critical that people with disabilities can access the support they need to find a job and start a career, a job tailored to his abilities and interests.

This Christmas, we are seeking support from the community to help us raise the funds to enable more people in our community who need support to find and keep a secure job in the months ahead, and flourish just like Paul.

Please consider supporting DSA by making a donation today.

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