Berkshire Park 0429

This spacious Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) home is built on acreage in peaceful semi-rural surrounds, just a short drive to the shops. 



  • Spacious purpose built home in a peaceful residential area.
  • Self-contained and shared units.
  • Home is fully wheelchair accessible.
  • Shared open plan living/dining and kitchen.
  • Central airconditioning and heating.
  • Gated front yard and and backyard with veggie patch and half
    basketball court.
  • BBQ with covered patio for relaxing, dining and entertaining.
  • Visitor’s room.
  • Vacancy in shared unit with private balcony and outdoor space.
  • Home has a fully maintained vehicle.


  • Current participants are 1 male and 2 females, aged 18-30
  • Participants are quiet and independent, and celebrate festive occasions, birthdays and BBQs together
  • Spacious semi-rural five acre block.
  • 10 minute drive to Riverstone and Windsor train stations and
    shopping centres.
  • 5 minute drive to community centre, Berkshire Park and Windsor Downs, walk to parks and reserve.
  • 24 hours support roster with active night shift.
  • Support staff:
    – are experienced in supporting participants with intellectual/
    psychosocial disabilities and/or mental health.
    – have specific skills and competencies in building self esteem
    and developing plans to achieve individual goals.
    – are experienced in supporting participants to access the
  • Access to clinical services, if required.

Males or females aged 18-40 looking for a quiet home. Friendly, social individuals who are comfortable sharing spaces with
other residents but also happy spending time privately.

Applicant must be eligible for funding under the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme).

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