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Specialist Intervention Service

Welcome to DSA Specialist Intervention Services

Disability Services Australia operates a Specialist Intervention Service for children, adolescents and adults across the Sydney Metropolitan area, regional NSW and the ACT.

We specialise in intervention and consultancy services for people with a disability, their families, and people working in the disability field.

Our Psychologists and Speech Pathologist are experienced and highly skilled in the delivery of individualised intervention services aimed at assisting people to learn skills in order to deal positively with life experiences and situations.

About Us

Our consultant psychologists and speech pathologists are experienced in developing and providing interventions for children, adolescents and adults. We specialise in services for people with developmental and psychiatric disabilities (including Dual Diagnosis) and Autism Spectrum.

Everybody is an individual and has different needs and goals. Our service is centred on each person and their needs.

Our Registered Psychologists are experienced and highly skilled in the delivery of intervention services aimed at:

  • Enhancing each person’s quality of life
  • Preventing the behaviours causing concern by addressing factors known to trigger them
  • Ensuring early identification and early intervention to address the cause of the behaviour through comprehensive assessment
  • Providing timely recommendations and developing workable intervention strategies for the individual, their family, carers and/or service provider to address behaviours of concern.

Quality of life through understanding

Don’t wait until it is too late. Timely intervention can:

  • Reduce distress
  • Increase independence
  • Access the community
  • Reduce frustration / aggression
  • Enhance relationships
  • Increase communication
  • Access work and program placements
  • Provide a long term view

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