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Youth (12-18)

This is a time for significant social and physical development. It marks the start of High School which can be a big transition.

A key part of growing up is developing independence and responsibility. This is a time when independent ideas and ways of behaving will be tested. This will often involve disagreeing with you, being defiant, pushing the limits and boundaries you set and risk taking. Pushing the boundaries is normal and an important part of the journey towards independence.male with disability happily raking leaves at DSA Blacktown day options centre in Second Avenue

This is the time to start thinking about the future and life after school. Be reassured that life after school is not a big black hole; there are so many opportunities available for you to discover and explore.

Throughout school you may start to hear about post school programs (life and employment skills). The NSW State Government Family and Community Services Ageing Disability and Home Care currently fund two programs for young people with a diverse range of abilities after leaving school. These are Community Participation and Transition to Work.

Community Participation

Community Participation is for young people living in New South Wales with a diverse range of abilities with moderate to high support needs who need an alternative to paid employment or further education in the medium or longer term. The focus is on a continuation of learning, participation in meaningful leisure, recreational, social and cultural activities. The emphasis is on having active and valued roles in the community, being active contributors to the economy of their local community and expanding friendships and support networks.

During your final year at school (year 12 ), an assessment will be conducted by a teacher or consultant to determine what support you are going to need to transition into adult lie. This assessment will take into consideration your diverse range of abilities, learning needs and achievements. Within NSW the CP and TTW service types have specific allocations of funding and hours of support. Inherent in the funding provided is the principle that the funding will be sufficient for you to achieve a full and active skills development and vocational opportunity.

Start familiarising yourself with the services available so when it comes time to making a decision about how you want to make your money work for you, you are making an informed and considered decision. The great thing is that your funding is individualised and you have opportunities to self- manage or self –direct your package.

If you have left school already or are thinking about leaving before the end of year 12 contact DSA on 1300 372 121. DSA can help you find out if you are eligible for transitional supports with DSA, Apprenticeship and Traineeship opportunities through METS or employment within DSA Business Services (Australian Disability Enterprise).

DSA has:

  • Experience in supporting people and their family/carer to self-direct their packages.
  • A long history of providing life and employment skills.
  • Trained and skilled staff with a diverse range of skills and backgrounds including youth work.
  • Specialist Intervention Services which is a team of experienced and skilled Psychologists and a Speech Pathologist who are able to provide supports and strategies for managing or coping with the changes and barriers that may occur in this life stage as a result of the social, emotional and physical development taking place.
  • Experience implementing the additional legislative compliance requirements and policies applicable when providing support to children and young people. All our staff complete the working with children check and are cleared as not being a prohibited person prior to commencing work with us.
  • Modern, bright and engaging facilities.
  • Modern and up to date workplaces.
  • Experience providing Teen Time services in Regional NSW which provides appropriate and meaningful after school and vacation support to high school students with a diverse range of abilities and learning needs. It has provided parents with an opportunity to maintain full time employment or study.
  • Technology in place such as video conferencing that means we can provide support to people who are geographically isolated, time poor or live in remote areas.
  • Effective and accountable practices in place for managing your funding.

Transition To Work (TTW)

The Transition to Work (TTW) program is a two year program that helps young people to gain employment after leaving school. For students to be able to access Transition to Work, they will need to:

  • live in NSW
  • be considered as someone who requires the support
  • undertake an eligibility assessment (through school – or by contacting TTW)

Throughout the year DSA can come to your school and talk to you about opportunities after school. DSA can provide you with career development training sessions, offer resume writing workshops, talk about different types of employment options and prepare you for when you finish school.

It's important for us to be able to understand what we can help you with and how we can make it as easy as possible for you to transition from school to work and your work related goals.

Your teachers will be able to speak to DSA's TTW staff and DSA will regularly visit schools to offer career planning sessions, help with TAFE enrolments for when you finish school and answer any questions about the TTW activities.

Contact us on 1300 372 121 or email for more information.

Last Modified: 19/10/2017 11:05 AM