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Young Adult (18-25)

The transition from childhood to becoming a young adult can be both an exciting time and a confusing time for both you and your family.

Young people want to move towards achieving as much independence as possible. People with a diverse range of abilities may not always be able to be as independent as others their age without support, however they can achieve independence in other areas of their life.

As a parent you need to be prepared to give your child who is now an adult opportunities to have choice and control of their life. Support them to make their own informed decisions and take risks. Remember it is okay to make mistakes; I’m sure you have experienced this throughout your adult life and learnt from them? It is important that you help them understand the consequences of their decisions and assist them to learn from their mistakes. Survival skills and resilience are something everyone needs to get through the challenges life can throw at us.

Based on our experiences some of the issues you and your family may face as you prepare for independence and life as a young adult are:

Life after school

  • Where to from here? 
  • What services are available?
  • Will I be able to keep working once my child finishes school?
  • Will my child use public transport?
  • Will my child get my drivers licence?

Planning a career 

  • What do I want to now school is finished?
  • What do I need to do to get the job I would like? 
  • How do I gain and maintain employment?


  • What benefits am I entitled to? Click here
  • Are you able to manage your personal budget?
  • Do I have my own bank account?
  • Do I need the Public Trustee involved? Click here

Where will you live

  • Do you want to continue living in your family home?
  • Are you able to remain living with your family?
  • Do you want to live on your own or share with people of your choosing?
  • How do I find a place to live?

Coping with interpersonal relationships

  • Maintaining relationships with friends and family
  • Making new friends

 Adult Relationships

  • Are you aware of your rights and responsibilities?
  • Do you have or want a boyfriend or girlfriend?
  • How do I meet people in a safe way?
  • Do I understand my body and the feelings I might be having?
  • Safe Sex and contraception
  • My child is an adult with sexual needs, how do I deal with this?

Your Human Rights and Responsibilities

  • What are my rights and responsibilities now that I am an adult?

Health and well-being

  • What do I need to do to be well and stay well, both physically and emotionally?
  • Do I have support needs that may create a barrier to me living independently?
  • Age appropriate dressing and grooming- I want to look good and feel great


  • Are you able to make independent decisions?
  • Do I need an advocate?
  • Person Responsible
  • Legal Guardian- Family member or Government appointed person to make decisions on your behalf.

DSA can support you on your journey by assisting you to discover and explore what you want from your life and your future. We have the skills and knowledge to support you and your family manage this important life transition.

DSA has:

  • Experience in supporting young people to self-direct their packages.

  • Trained staff.

  • Modern, bright and engaging facilities.

  • Modern and up to date workplaces.

  • Technology in place such as video conferencing that means we can provide support to people who are geographically isolated, time poor or live in remote areas.

  • Effective and accountable practices in place for managing your funding.


DSA’s Self-Directed Services that we currently provide are:

  • Community Participation
  • Transition to Work
  • Supported Living
  • Life Choices
  • Life Skills and Employment
  • Therapy Services
  • Self funded services either in addition to services that are government funded or services that you want and have the capacity to pay for where you have no government funding.
  • Others based on your personal needs, aspirations and dreams. 

Transition to Work (TTW)

TTW is a New South Wales State government program funded by ADHC (Ageing Disability and Home Care) and  is a supportive option for people leaving (or have recently left high school)  that have been deemed eligible to participate.

Whether you’re thinking about leaving school and getting your first job, or have recently left school and need some support to develop your employability, talk to us about your goals and the support that you feel you might need.

The TTW approach to supporting you is flexible. There are many activities, training sessions, personal development and social skills training sessions.

TTW can assist you to access Apprenticeships and Traineeships, help to locate work experience, understand work place cultures and requirements, develop your interview skills, link you with TAFE or other training providers and services.

Employment is an important outcome for all people, and the aim is to work closely with you to determine your goals, strengths and the supports you might need to get the job that’s right for you .

No matter what industry you are interested or even if you don’t know just yet what you'd like to do for work, we can assist you- we have successfully supported participants in just about every employment field you can imagine! Whether you’re seeking casual, part time or full time work, we can provide support.

TTW can also help you access training or educational programs to ‘up skill’ for work, or locate opportunities for Apprenticeships and Traineeships. Employers can also access specialised funding to assist them employ you , which TTW can help with.

TTW staff will also help you to check your pay and employment conditions, to ensure that you are being paid correctly and receive the other workplace entitlements appropriate to your position.

Other options that DSA can offer that will support you to explore employment opportunities and training opportunities include:       

  • DSA Supported Employment 

  • DSA Employment Services Transition to Work (TTW)         

  • DSA Business Services

  • METS

Last Modified: 19/10/2017 11:07 AM