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DSA has the skills and resources to provide a break for carers to take time to rest and recharge from the day to day commitments of supporting a person with a disability and often the whole family.   A respite service provides the family and or unpaid carer(s) of a person with a disability with a planned, short-term, time-limited break from their usual caring role.  It is a service that also ensures the person who will be supported by DSA has an enjoyable break doing activities of their choosing.  Respite services aim to provide a positive experience for both the carer and the person with a disability.

DSA can provide a respite service in all areas where we are currently operating. We are located throughout New South Wales.

There are several different types of respite services that may meet your needs.  DSA can either supply the support on a fee-for-service basis, support you to source respite funding directly from ADHC or assist you tap into respite from a colleague organisation that has respite funding.  We are committed to providing the flexibility and quality of respite that you want at a competitive price.

The types of respite available include:

  • Own home respite – We come to your family home to provide the service while you go to appointments or attend other activities outside the family home (short duration 3-8 hours) that is either ongoing (weekly) or casual (24 hours’ notice required).
  • Own home overnight – We provide respite overnight for one day  (48 hours notice required) or several days or weeks (at least one months’ notice required).
  • Peer support – People with a disability are supported in leisure, recreational and group activities with people of similar age and with similar interests.
  • After school and vacation care – Teen Time offers respite or afterschool care for secondary school students with a disability.  All activities are designed to complement the skill development started at school and home.  The design of activities takes into consideration that after a full day at school, young peoples’ focus is quite different in out of school time.  Sport, recreation and socialisation are usually high on the list of a young person’s preferred out of school pastimes.

DSA can provide respite options in a variety of ways and are pleased to be able to offer this extension to our funded services.  Some people may have funding to purchase respite and DSA can certainly provide this service at an affordable rate that will ensure you get the maximum amount of service for your funded dollar.

DSA’s affordable rates are ideal for self-funded respite.  DSA can work with you to put together a respite package that will make a difference and give you the break you need, while ensuring your family member experiences the best of times doing things they enjoy, in safety and with trained staff that you select.  What’s important to you and the person you care for is what’s important to us!

To discuss your self-funded (fee-for-service) options, get assistance to access funded respite or just find out more, call our Customer Connections team on 1300 372 121 or email

The Customer Connections Team will connect you with the Intake Officer in your area. 

Emergency Respite – the unexpected has happened and you need urgent support for your family member with a disability.  Call DSA’s Customer Connections on 1300 372 121 and we will provide what assistance we can. 

Last Modified: 28/10/2016 1:02 PM