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To find out how DSA can support you to live the life you choose call 1300 372 121 or email


Download our Self Managed brochure to see how DSA can assist you with your choices 

Making Your Money Work


You may have started to hear a lot about self-directed services and may be wondering what this may mean.

Self-directed services are about making YOUR money work for YOU. You are in control and at the centre of service design.

If you have been identified as eligible for a funding package there are several options for how to manage your funding. There is Self-Directed or Self Managed and the difference is this:

Self Directed: You may like the idea of managing your own funding however you are time poor or do not have the supports or resources to be able to truly self manage. This is where self-directed services may be the answer for you.

Self Managed: A person with a diverse range of abilities and their family or advocate designs an individual program, within the funding allocation. They choose, direct and control the nature of their support. DSA is an intermediary and we will manage the financial, legal and administrative requirements.

DSA can assist you with your choice by helping you determine what will work best for you.

As our customer DSA will help you make your money work for you. Through innovative and creative planning we will help you determine what’s important to you and for you. You will be able to determine the range of services and supports you would like to purchase that will ensure you live a 'good life'.

We can help you navigate the service support system, explore and identify your natural support networks and work out how to get the 'Best bang for your buck'.

You can utilise our expertise in support planning and learn about your relationships and community connections and how they can work for you. You want to be able to maximise your money and we can show you how.

You can access and purchase our expertise in providing:

  • An experienced and skilled labour force
  • Most staff have Certificate III in Disability
  • Our staff have a range of backgrounds and transferrable skills such as early intervention, child care, youth work, performing arts, teachers, hospitality, fitness instructors, musicians, employment services, aged care, welfare, community justice, trainers, drivers, builders, registered nurses and assistants in nursing

We understand and acknowledge that our customers have a diverse range of abilities, needs and interests and therefore we need to have support workers with a wide variety of skills, interests, ages and genders in order to provide a personalised service.

We do not pigeon-hole people, or make assumptions about a person’s goals and aspirations based on their abilities and we don’t have preconceived ideas about who would best support them.

  • We have staff from a wide range of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds and religious backgrounds
  • Staff who identify as Aboriginal
  • Support Workers who have experience supporting people throughout all the life stages
  • Skilled support workers who have worked in different service models such as early intervention, respite, in home support, life and employment skills, supported living, community justice programs, lifestyle mentoring and active ageing

Enhance Health Services / Therapy Services

We have a team of experienced and skilled Psychologists and a Speech Pathologist who have experience in early intervention, behaviour intervention support planning, autism spectrum disorder, ABI, mental health, dual diagnosis, counselling, resilience training, communication strategies and aids, training, interpersonal relationships, assessments including culturally sensitive assessments.

Strong community networks and strategic alliances

  • DSA is an integral part of over fifty communities across NSW
  • DSA has a long history of providing services to people in their local community
  • Building networks and strategic alliances have benefited the people we support as we have been able to broker services to ensure a person’s needs, goals and aspirations are being met

Human Resources

We have a division of experienced and skilled Human Resource Professionals who have expertise in industrial relations, Work Health and Safety (WHS) requirements, Learning and Development, Recruitment of staff, Training and Payroll. Their expertise can be purchased to assist with navigating your legal and industrial requirements if you want to employ your own staff.

Financial Services

We have a team of experienced and skilled financial practitioners who are effective and accountable. You can purchase their financial management skills to help you budget and track your money.

Support Planners

We have innovative support planners who will help you look outside the square and come up with creative solutions to help you achieve your outcomes.

Aboriginal Liaison Officer 

  • Will ensure you feel culturally safe
  • Can help ensure your cultural needs and requirements are met
  • Help link with cultural activities and events

If you have not got a funding package contact DSA as we can help you identify what you may be eligible for and assist with the process.

Contact DSA on 1300 372 121 or email

Last Modified: 19/10/2017 11:15 AM