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Friends And Community

​​Friends at work4 supported employees at a DSA factory enjoying their work and making friends

For many of our employees in supported employment, work is an opportunity to meet new people and establish social networks. We have regular social functions such as site barbeques and awards days as well as regular low impact sporting activities that give our employees the chance to participate in friendly competition in a supported environment.

Community membership

A sense of belonging is important to people across all cultures and ages.  Where do I belong?  DSA services take community membership as a given and empower each person we support to enjoy and benefit from their role as full citizens of their communities.  The barriers can require considerable community education or just a gentle prompt.  Most people are willing to adapt and change the way they do things to ensure that people who experience barriers to everyday activities can participate and enjoy what life has to offer.

A good life

What does a good life look like?  For many a good life happens when you have friends, places to go where people know you and talk to you.  A good life is where you make decisions about what is important to you.  DSA’s services focus on the quality of life (QoL) domains that will support a ‘good life’.

So what are the Quality of Life (QoL) domains?

The most commonly used list in Australia is a list of 8 domains.  They are listed here with examples of what the domain covers to make their meanings clearer:

1. Social Inclusion

Community involvement, relationships, having friends and social interactions including the use of social media; involvement in activities to do with cultural or language background.

2. Rights 

Personal rights, privacy, confidentiality, respect and dignity, responsibilities, discrimination, citizenship (voting, access, valued roles) etc.

3. Emotional Well-being

A feeling of safety, comfort, relaxation, happiness, general wellbeing and enjoyment of life activities.

4. Material Well-being

Money, getting a job, personal possessions, having a home, a car, buying your own food and clothing.

5. Physical Well-being

Health, nutrition, movement, fitness, a healthy lifestyle, recreation or playing sports.

6. Interpersonal Relations

Relations with other people, making friends, intimate relationships, acquaintances, work mates, social media interactions e.g. Facebook and Twitter.

7. Personal Development

Learning preferences: e.g. watching others, doing things, picture stories, or using technology or social media. Learning through music, gardening, art /craft or other interests. Deciding what new things you would like to learn.

8. Self Determination

Making decisions, knowing what makes you feel good and what doesn’t, knowing what you are good at and what you aren’t good at, planning for yourself.


If you think you might be interested in working at DSA or accessing our services please call our Customer Connections Team on 1300 372 121 or email us today at

Last Modified: 19/10/2017 9:48 AM