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DSA is governed by a Board of Directors and is made of 8 business units:

  • Community Support Services

  • DSA Employment

  • Business Services

  • METS (RTO)

  • Finance and Administration

  • Communications & Fundraising

  • Human Resources

  • IT, Systems and Facilities


In the past 12 months we have provided:
  • competitive employment options for 589 people at our four SEE (Supported Employment Enterprise) facilities specialising in packaging and assembly work, secure digital document scanning and property maintenance services through our social enterprise – Assetcare.
  • specialist therapy and training services for more than 520 people including early intervention, behavioural intervention, mental health training, occupational therapy and speech therapy from our team of allied health specialists.
  • training for more than 442 people in foundation skills training and nationally accredited disability and children’s services qualifications through METS, our Registered Training Organisation and the opportunity to engage in accredited and foundation skills training for 70 people with a disability through our Supported learning Hubs.
  • day time support for 381 people at various life stages to participate socially and recreationally in their communities, focusing on life skill development and living active and enjoyable lives.
  • mentoring for 56 people in 24/7 in home support and drop in support for 31 people through the Young People Leaving Care and Community Justice Programs.
  • support at home for 119 people in a variety of settings, with a range of support levels including in-home support where the person lives with their family, shared support in a single welling or villa complex and individual drop-in support where the person lives on their own.
  • prevocational training and work experience opportunities for 147 young people transitioning from school to employment through our Transition to Work (TTW) work readiness programs.
  • support for 63 people who choose to self-manage their funding for a variety of services including financial intermediary, one-off support or ongoing support in a variety of settings


Last Modified: 19/04/2017 10:44 AM