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DSA has certified processes and quality systems in place to offer you consistent service.

What does this mean for you?
  • We have policies and procedures so we do things consistently from one day to the next
  • We listen to feedback from people we support, from our customers, clients and our staff – if one of our ways of doing things needs improving, we will do that in a carefully controlled way
  • We don’t blame people - we fix the process!
External & internal auditors keep an eye on us, checking that we do what our procedures tell us.
Want to know more? Have a look at the details below…
Risk Management is embedded through the organisation
  • A Work Health and Safety system is in place
  • Delegations of authority and responsibilities are defined in a calibrated risk matrix that has been approved by the Board of Directors
  • All policy documents are formally approved by the Board
  • An internal audit program is applied to all parts of the business through a small team of DSA staff who have been formally trained in auditing as part of their wider role
DSA maintains current certification by SAI Global against three Standards
  1. The Quality Management System complies with requirements of ISO9001:2008 – Certificate QEC4993. SAI Global’s Five Ticks Standards Mark™ is highly recognised in the marketplace and recognises that DSA manages risk and compliance with consistent quality outputs, exceeding customer expectations.
  2. The Disability Services Management System complies with the requirements of DSS:2007 – Certificate DSC20095 Compliance with Commonwealth Standards for service delivery to supported employees in factories and clients in open employment. DSA has disability policies mapped against the National Disability Service Standards to provide policy guidance to staff on areas such as privacy, complaints and human rights.
  3. HACCP (Food safety) – The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point system ensures that DSA provides a clean, controlled environment and processes for secondary packaging of airline goods such as cutlery packs.
Continuous improvement is part of our culture
DSA has implemented network-based corrective action and complaints systems that together with audits encourage a continuous improvement culture. 
2015 marks the tenth successive year that DSA has been non-conformance free in our external audits for both our company-wide ISO9001:2008 Quality System and the Disability Employment Services Standards. In addition, the HACCP Food Safety System at Mascot has remained non-conformance-free since gaining certification in 2008.
Last Modified: 20/10/2017 10:27 AM